Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ethics & Issues

               Cyber-bulling is increasing in an uncontrollable manner. According to the website called www.nobullying.com, around 43% of children have experienced cyber-bullying atleast once in a lifetime. And it also claims that girls are twice as likely as boys to be a victim of cyber-bullying. It clearly states that time has arrived to take some serious steps towards it. In this case, i personally believe school and parents are the most important factors to stop cyber-bullying. Parents should teach their child about good sides of technology and give some moral values to their child. And school also can play vital role in making child known to the moral values and assigning punishment for cyber-bullying.
              One of the positive aspects of being anonymous is that you can share anything that's on your mind without worrying about if people likes or dislikes it. And the only Negative aspects of being anonymous is that few cruel people uses it as a tool to harass innocent people especially children.

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